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Be sure to test your fabric with the heat of the iron before trying to apply the iron-ons

1. Remove the white backing paper. To start separations, rub your thumb on one corner until film and backing separate.

2. Position film with design, adhesive side down, on garment. You can reposition, if desired. Place a pressing sheet (A teflon pressing sheet works well) on top of the design with the film on it.

3. If you are placing the design onto sleeves, pant legs, etc. be sure to place a piece of white paper between the layers to prevent material from fusing together.

4. Use an iron on the settings for your fabric. If using a cooler iron you will have to press longer. Apply pressure for about the count of 40. Iron only with the flat area of iron, not with area with steam holes.

5. Allow to thoroughly cool for three to five minutes, so that glue forms a permanent bond with fabric. Now slowly remove the adhesive film.

6. If, when removing film, any individual jewels are not firmly glued, carefully reposition the film design and press the loose stones with the tip of your iron. Do not place the whole iron over the design as the film will shrink and bubbleover unglued jewels. With stones that have curved or domed design, you may find it helpful to apply heat and pressure with tip of iron.

7. Turn garment over and press again from the back to make sure all the studs are glued.

8. Your garment may be machine washed and dried up to 140 degrees. I prefer to just let my embellished garments hang on a hanger to dry.

9. Wear your wonderful new garment with pride in knowing that you have made it yourself.

If you are applying individual studs or crystals into your own design or you are following spaces in a piece of lace or just adding them to a neckline or the edge of a sleeve, just work with a couple of inches at a time. If you do much larger of an area and they are all positioned and you sneeze or bump them in any way, you will have to start over again. Just work in small areas at a time.
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